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Pentagon Village - Edina, MN


In April 2022, Co-developers Solomon Real Estate Group and Rise Modular commenced construction for their six-story, 202-unit apartment building at the Pentagon Village Development. Once completed, this project will be the largest commercial modular project in the state of Minnesota. The structure will be constructed off-site with five stories of Rise-manufactured modules. Ten percent (10%) of these apartments at will be affordable units for households making 50% of the area median income at market-rate. Pentagon Village Apartments are expected to open for tenants in May, 2023.

Building apartments in a factory saves time, attracts more people to construction

Evan Ramstad

They're building apartment buildings inside a factory in Owatonna, Minn. Not just parts, the whole apartments. Floor to ceiling, bathroom to kitchen, plumbing to electrical, countertops to toilets. 

The action inside the factory at Rise Modular is a sight, and it's the kind of productivity improvement that's needed when the workforce is tight or shrinking. 

The buildings are constructed in standardized parts, called modules or mods, that are up to 16 feet wide and 70 feet long. To move down the assembly line air casters lift the mods a few millimeters, allowing two people to easily push them along. 

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Pentagon Village - Edina, MN
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